Sunday, 1 January 2017

Back on the scene - Being myself and being happy.

The blogging world and community as a whole can mean different things to different people, some people may look at it as a platform to get recognised, a freedom of speech, a way to earn money, join a community, share their lives. 

 The blogging nook of the internet is very overpopulated, as with all other successful internet platforms.  Unfortunately it’s all too easy for people to follow what others do, see success and want it. Do whatever they can to get recognised. Obviously there is a part in us all that wants to be appreciated, but if you’re working hard to copy others, this sadly takes away your own identity. Although there is nothing wrong with that at all, i am a firm believer in doing what makes you happy, but wouldn’t it be nice to blog about something that you have a passion and real interest in rather than what gets the most page views? 

If you read any blogging help guide they will all say the same things,  you have to write epic posts, networking, networking networking, be unique, stay on a theme, write everyday....what about being yourself?  

I’ve had a lot of time to think about this blogging thing, I started off being a sheep. Did it bring me happiness...not really? I couldn’t find what avenue I wanted to go down, I liked clothes, homemade beauty, high street beauty, healthy food and naughty food, why did I have to pick one and be one type of person? It was all too much. So I quit. 

However, when I stopped I missed it. I was thinking of it all the time. Carrying on with my own little life constantly thinking, oooooh I want to share this. I appreciate and love the blogging community and I missed being part of it. This made me sad.  I want to share my life, on this platform, my way. I’m doing my own thing, writing about topics that I like, reviewing items that I love and I hope to meet like minded people. I need to stop putting pressure on myself and enjoy myself.

This post is just a little friendly wave hello really. Wishing you all a wonderful 2017. Here's to meeting new people, new adventures ,creating new memories and being ourselves and being happy.

Natasha Ann