Sunday, 1 January 2017

My new favourite in beauty- Acorelle Cleansing Oil.

I have greasy skin, always have and I have faced up to the fact that i always will. I ran away from face oils, thinking i couldn't imagine anything worse for my skin. Oh how wrong was i. I tried out the Acorella cleansing oil and was more than pleasantly surprised.

This oil is a little gem and am so ecstatic that i came across it, It will forever be a staple in my beauty routine. It ticks all the boxes, Moisturises, nourishes, cleanses, and soothes. What more could you possibly want from a face oil and at a bargain price of £17. I've had mine for 5 months, I use it nearly every day and I've got tons left. You can purchase from LoveLula.

On the odd occasion, mainly when I'm feeling lazy I commit the ultimate beauty sin and use a make up wipe. I can totally feel and see the difference in my skin. Even the next day when applying make up, i notice that my skin looks dull and tired. Acorelle cleansing oil contains plum oil and Vitamin E, its also a certified organic brand.

I dampen my face and apply the oil to my skin in small circular motions to remove my make up. Although its an oil it does almost lather into a thick creamy texture. It breaks down my make up in an instant, i then use a hot cloth and quite literally my make up slips off.  With in seconds my face feels clean and refreshed, I repeat the process, this time using a smaller amount to give my skin a deep clean and to ensure I'm squeaky clean .

I would sooo love to hear if anyone else is as much in love with this product as i am??

Natasha Ann